FAQs for Investors

Which projects are doxxed? You can find a list of doxxed porjects at https://bearmarket.io/doxxed-projects. Is the doxxing by bearmarket.io an anti rug pull guarantee? No! The process only helps to track down the scammers in case of a rugpull/fraud. Even though it is highly unlikely that doxxed projects rug, it is theoretically possible. Is the certificate a minting advice? No! Even though doxxing is a plus point for any project, there are many other factors that play a role in the success of a project. As always: NFA & DYOR What is happening in case a certified project actually rugs? In this very unfortunate case, we will help the scam victims by giving out the home country of the founders to a representative of the community. They can then reach out to the local authorities. Afterwards legal authorities can contact us for the identities of the pursued scammers. We will never share the identities of doxxed founders publicly.