FAQs for Projects

Why dox with bearmarket.io? Bearmarket.io is offering a private doxxing service, that allows you to dox whilst protecting your privacy. You get the best out of both worlds. After successfully completing the verification process you'll receive:
  • an official certificate
  • hosting on doxxing.bearmarket.io
  • a shoutout on all our social platforms
  • a trusted badge on cnftjungle & nftrack.io
Who can dox via bearmarket.io?
Project founders and individuals across all blockchains.
How can I apply for the verification process? You can apply on bearmarket.io/doxx, our social platforms or directly by sending an email to [email protected]. Please forward us a short pitch of your project as well as links to your socials & open a ticket in our Discord. How does the verification process work? After successfully applying we will set up an appointment and the details for the video verification via Discord. The process incudes ID verification, biometric face matching & liveness verification. Where will the data be stored? After a successful verification the client data will be stored offline on an encrypted database/flashdrives. Only the four project founder have access. Since we work together with an SaaS company for the ID verification this data will also be stored on their encrypted, german-based server. This company is trusted by crypto exchanges and other big players. However the data stored on their server can not be seen by third parties, does not contain information about your project or online identity and will automatically be deleted after 3 years. What are the costs? 400 ADA for up to 3 team members, 150 ADA for every additional member. Does the whole team need to dox? Every team member with admin rights on socials and/or access to the project wallets needs to be doxxed. E.g. discord moderators don't have to be doxxed. What happens if we sell our project to another team? In that case you will loose your trusted badge + certificate. The new team can be re-doxxed. Your data will be deleted after 12 months and you will receive a confirmation. What is considered a "rug"? A rug is considered any form of abandoning a project - leaving hurt investors with false promises. A bad performance (f.e. going under mint price, slow delivery..) is not considered a rug.